Shaona is a first generation Indian-American designer with twelve years of cross-cultural experience between Design, Sport and Development sectors, from the States to India. She is an active voice for gender equity, equal opportunity pathways for marginalised youth and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Raised by hard working parents who migrated from Calcutta to Boston, her upbringing was filled with cultural juxtapositions. Such as, playing team sports competitively in Randolph’s (South Shore of Boston) racially diverse environment and stories of her family lineage, ranging from freedom fighters to diasporic identities. Shaona grew a taste for drawing, service, hip hop, football and basketball from an early age. By her mid-teens, she was coaching children, collaborating on socially driven design gigs and working relevant side jobs to build experience. Safe to say, not much has changed except for some wisdom gained, travel exposure and converting passion to a livelihood.

She’s currently focused full-time on PASS Collective.

Website body text typeface: “Freight”, created by BIPOC designer Joshua Darden

Lived: Boston (21 years), Brooklyn (4 years), Bangalore (8 years)
Visited: On the map